MessageGears Engage

Integration with Movable Ink

MessageGears Engage is a turnkey solution to power open-time personalization for images sent through Movable Ink. Below is a high-level walkthrough of how to enable Movable Ink to select data from Engage.

Creating an API data source

The first step to creating data-driven content with8in movable ink is setting up Engage as an API data source for your creative. To do this, click the drop down at the top right of your screen and select ‘data sources’

data source

Once at the data source page, create an API integration


Entering API information

Once there, fill out the api page with your Engage data source details. The base endpoint for engage data is https://api.messagegears.net/v5/engage/context?data=<your datasource>-[<your key>]. Ensure that you put your engage variable in square brackets, as that is how Movable Ink recognizes variable parameters.

engage details


MessageGears Engage makes use of JSON Web Tokens, an open, industry standard RFC 7519 method for representing claims securely between two parties. To enable authorization in the Movable Ink console, click on ‘Show Advanced Settings’, and click ‘add header’ at the bottom. your header name should be the word Authorization and the value should be your Engage token sent to you from MessageGears Support


At this point, your endpoint should be returning sample data and you are now ready to enhance your messages with data-activated creative.