Release Notes

Upcoming Releases:


Deployment Dates:

EU - 5/24/21
US - 5/24/21

Key features and enhancements:

  • Changes to Suppression that will improve overall performance and consistency while also allowing MessageGears to support a much larger number of addresses
  • RFC8058 Compliance
  • Unsubscribe API now added for Customers who have their own subscription management and want that data to be included in analytics or the real-time activity feed
  • Engage service APIs now timeout when calls exceed a specified threshold
  • Fixed an issue where the email_domain field was not populated for customers with Secure PII enabled impacting the Analytics reporting

Past releases:


Deployment Dates:

EU - 8/27/19
US - 8/29/19

Key Features and Enhancements

  • Send Time Designation Released, allowing for location-based delivery across all channels
  • Deep Link functionality improved for non-technical users through the addition of the ‘mobile’=true argument to links. Ex:
	<a href="https://messagegears.com" mobile="true">Sample Deep Link</a>

Deployment Dates:

EU - 9/30/19
US - 10/2/19

Key Features and Enhancements

Deployment Dates:

EU - 10/9/19
US - 10/9/19

Key Features and Enhancements

  • Fixed issue with Text-Only emails not being shown in browsers

Deployment Dates:

EU - 10/25/19
US - 10/28/19

Key Features and Enhancements


Deployment Dates:

EU - 12/17/19
US - 12/18/19

Key Features and Enhancements

  • MessageGears Engage


Release Dates: EU - 1/22/2019, US - 1/23/2019

Key Features and Enhancements

  • Support for Airship list creation as destination in external campaigns

  • Velocity templating language now uses our click codec version 4

  • Analytics paths updated to be consistent for bulk messaging

  • Performance Enhancements to MessageGears engage


Release Dates: EU - 3/02/2019, US - 3/02/2019

Key Features and Enhancements

  • Links are no longer able to be ‘re-rendered’ with a separate tracking domain
  • Greater status information available via API for Engage
  • TransactionalCampaignSubmit calls now support the input of a previous version
  • Multiple Engage keys can be queried from a singular data source
  • Bracketed characters create render errors on Message Preview

Subsequent Minor Releases

  • (3/3/2020) - hotfix to support secure links

  • (3/5/2020) - hotfix to support secure unsubscribe links

  • (3/10/2020) - hotfix for links with mixed-case tracking domains


Deployment Dates:

EU - 4/6/20
US - 4/7/20

Expected Content:

  • Deeper Customer-level API interaction/information
  • Enhancements to Engage
    • Querying multiple values from multiple data sets
    • Including Standard Auth token to allow access to multiple data sets
  • External Campaign support for Facebook
  • Unsubscribe Suppression Removal Active in Portal