Reply Mail Management

Sending the perfect marketing message can be tricky. There are many criteria that go into creating a message that will not only catch your customer’s attention, but also allow them to give feedback or interact with your brand.

For many marketing campaigns, recipient replies will go to a “no-reply inbox” parking off messages (auto-replies, out of office notices, etc.) where no one will see them. MessageGears Reply Mail Management allows users the ability to store, track, and take information from your customers directly- and most importantly, respond to their questions and concerns.

How it works:

Although users could place their forwarding address into the reply-to field themselves, utilizing Reply Mail Management will allow users to track analytics and receive real-time events for inbound replies. Because of the need to track this activity, the workflow is as follows:

  1. Mail is sent by MessageGears to recipients with the reply-to address being something recognizable to the MessageGears system
  2. Recipient replies re sent to MessageGears’ servers, and all job and account-level analytics are recorded and processed
  3. MessageGears forwards a copy of the reply to our user’s content-forwarding address to ensure that user can interact with their recipients in real time

How to use it:

There are three steps to making use of Reply Mail Management.

  1. Contact Customer Success to set up your content forwarding address, the email inbox that will receive any replies to your messages
  2. Use our Freemarker Macro, ${Gears.replyToAddress), to generate the address your recipient will reply to, optionally giving it a ‘friendly’ reply-to name for users to see
  3. Utilize the inbound message real-time events for analytical and post-processing